and embark on a cruise on the Negro River. The Brazilian city of Manaus is home to one of nature’s strangest occurrences--the 4-mile confluence of the nearly black Negro River with the sandy-colored Solimões River. Called the “Meeting of Waters,” the two bodies of water do not mix due to their differences in temperature, speed, and water density! They join to form the Amazon River, that flows for 4,000 miles to be one of the world’s longest rivers. It is here that you will board the Iberostar Grand Amazon, an all-inclusive, super luxury floating hotel and the largest ship specifically built to navigate the Amazon. You will make frequent stops in the rainforest, with small boats launched for ecological hikes and pink dolphin watching. This excitement packed takes you to experience the beauty of the rivers, the local culture, and an abundance of species from one of the crown jewels of Iberostar’s Grand Collection.