known for its remarkable turnaround, making it now one of the nation’s most important cities in business, politics, fashion and nightlife. Known as the city of the never-ending springtime, Medellín is also the hometown of the artist Fernando Botero, whose oversized depictions of Colombian life, people and world issues are exhibited throughout the world. A donation of statues given by Botero himself is exhibited in one of the city’s main squares. The city is also famous for its cable car, a remarkable piece of engineering, emblematic of how local government revived a previously underdeveloped part of the city. Central Holidays tailor-created When in features a variety of options and additions that cater to all different budgets. Each “When In” includes accommodations per the program, and breakfast daily, as well as sightseeing, excursions, and experiential activities based on the package selected…Travel In Simplicity, Travel In Style, or Travel In Luxury.