Delve into the mysteries and history of enchanting Sardinia on this 7-day/6-night Italian adventure where the dreamiest of white sand beaches and scalloped bays meet with Bronze Aged settlements and mind-bending structuresStroll along Piscinas’ Dunes, one of the most magnificent beaches of the “Costa Verde” known for some of the highest sand dunes in EuropeExplore Tharros Town, a Phoenician port dating back to the 8th century B.C. where many Egyptian scarabs were foundLet history come to life as you discover Domus de Janas, one of the largest and most important necropolises, and the Bronze Aged Nuraghe of Santu Antne tower and fortified court that dates back to 1500 BCVisit the Neolithic archeological site Ziggurat of Monte d’Accoddi, featuring a megalithic altar shaped as a Mesopotamic ZigguratEnjoy a Malvasia wine tasting, the local grape in Tresnuraghes, a commune in the Province of OristanoVenture along to the archaeological site of Nora, an extraordinary example of a city of Phoenician and Roman times overlooking a glorious beach