IGUASSU FALLS, 275 waterfalls of the Iguassu River straddling the jungle borders between Brazil and Argentina, are one of nature’s most spectacular creations. A 2-hour flight connects Rio, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires to the city of Iguassu and both sides of the Falls. The Brazilian side is farther from the tumblers but delivers a panorama and better view of the greatest section, Devil’s Throat. Here, 14 falls combine in the 330-foot fall, pounding the water below with such force that there is a constantly rising huge rainbow-spanned cloud of spray. The Argentinian side, however, is more pleasant to explore, and offers such a close-up of the thundering water that most visitors wear waterproof raincoats. The Falls are shared by two Iguassu parks—the National Park in Brazil and the Nacional Park in Argentina—each has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You must visit both!