Europe in the Summer: Italy and Greece

Posted on 05/18/2017 | About Europe

Southern Europe is a Dream 

Visiting southern Europe during the summer is a dream vacation, and concentrating your energy on a specific area can help you leave time for unexpected discoveries. Italy and Greece, for example, are highly complementary destinations, steeped in tradition, with welcoming people and rich culture.

Once the seat of a great empire, Rome remains a cultural and historical center in Europe. Historic churches, museums, piazzas, fountains and statues are an ever-present reminder of its rich, ancient heritage.

Art and architecture are the calling cards of Florence, while the surrounding Tuscan countryside produces some of the world’s finest wines and olive oils.

Venice and its canals reflect the romantic nature of Italy with its gondolas, bridges and eclectic mix of architectural influences.

Follow the Adriatic Sea to the southeast to Greece, where the remnants of ancient society blend with more recent additions. The capital, Athens, is a modern city that has grown around the ruins of the past.

Take a hovercraft to one of the inviting islands that dot the Aegean Sea – such as Mykonos, Crete and Santorini. Meander down to the seaside marinas, where tavernas serve fresh, local fish and artisans offer their wares.

Mykonos is known for its lively nightlife and stunning beaches, while Santorini has a romantic tranquility. Crete, the larger of these three islands, has a rich history and a unique culture all its own. Cruise lines such as Windstar and Norwegian Cruise Line offer itineraries that last from a few days to more than a week, offering the opportunity to treat them as a leg in your journey or as a vacation in themselves.

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There’s still time to book your European getaway now for this summer or plan ahead for next year!