This adventure brings you to highlights of South America, the Falkland Islands, and Antarctica. See penguins, seals, and whales, and take hikes on the ice and kayak among icebergs. And on board there is so much to do. Take advantage of our Activity Center for exciting lectures, activities, and more, that are designed to enhance your trip.
17 days

From Urban Adventure to Remote Wilderness

Enjoy big city life in Buenos Aires before embarking on MS Midnatsol in Ushuaia.

Mind-Blowing Antarctica

From Ushuaia we cross the Drake Passage to explore the most remote place on planet Earth. The Antarctic ice sheet covers 98% of the continent and is the largest single mass of ice in the world. This is a frozen wilderness teeming with life. Go ashore to meet the penguins in their noisy and crowded colonies.

Join the expedition team and discover the icy shores of Antarctica on landings to get a close look at wildlife, explore by kayak, and visit fascinating places. On board, enjoy interesting lectures and activities, and photo workshops that will take your expedition to a new and entertaining level.  

Fabulous Falklands

A powerful wilderness and cultural experience awaits you on the Falklands. Sheep graze next to penguin colonies in the countryside, while red English buses trundle past cozy pubs in the town.

We round off this adventure by spending three amazing days crossing the ocean to Montevideo.


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This is an expedition where the elements rule, and the weather, wind and ice conditions will determine our final schedule. Safety is paramount and the captain will decide the sailing itinerary during the voyage. Therefore, this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience, and why every expedition with Hurtigruten is unique.