This expedition cruise is filled with history, wildlife, brilliant scenery and great adventure. We have sailed here since 1896, and now it´s your turn to explore beautiful Spitsbergen! Scan for the mighty polar bear on Bjørnøya and marvel at the North Cape before sailing into our final destination of Tromsø.
12 days

The Historic Sportsman´s Route

Hurtigruten´s history of Svalbard expedition cruises dates back to 1896. On this voyage we follow what became known as “The Sportsman’s Route” over a century ago to explore the scenery and wildlife of Svalbard.

Vast, Pristine Natural Beauty

We sail the northwestern coast of Spitsbergen, a vast wilderness of unspoiled nature and amazing Svalbard geology. Turning south, we encounter Bellsund, site of English whaling in the 18th century, and mountainous Hornsund.

The Island of Bears and the North Cape

Bjørnøya, isolated in the middle of the Barents Sea, is waiting for us next. Scan for birds and polar bears here. Next, we get our first view of the North Cape plateau on the Norwegian mainland and the northernmost point in Europe. Once we reach the cape, you can choose to walk the steep path up to the North Cape monument, or relax and let a comfortable bus do the work!

Gateway to the Arctic

The voyage ends in Tromsø, Gateway to the Arctic. Visit the historic Ølhallen, once the meeting point for all the hardy explorers and trappers who returned after a winter hunting polar bears on Svalbard.




Hurtigruten offers unique expedition cruises to some of the purest and most remote waters of the world. As with all expeditions, nature prevails. Safety is always our top priority. We continuously evaluate our cruises to adapt to unexpected weather, ice and sea conditions, and exciting nature opportunities. That’s why we call it an expedition.