This autumn voyage of Andalucía and Algarve offers spectacular beauty and culture. The temperature is perfect for exploring and the light takes on a softer glow, creating great photos. Join us as we set out to discover the incredible sights, colours and tastes of this rich and scenic region along the south coast of Spain and Portugal.
9 days

September 27, 2018

We start our voyage in Portugal's colourful capital of Lisbon, with centuries of history and culture chiselled into its grand buildings.

The Essence of Spain

Many would say that Spain's very essence can be found in Andalucía. The sounds and sights and this area echo with a long and colourful history. We explore hill towns and inviting beaches, enjoy memorable meals, discover historic churches and mosques, and take in the passion of the area, from religious fervour to flamenco.

The province of Huelva and Cádiz offers endless, pristine beaches and national parks. The inviting towns with narrow, cobbled streets opening into small squares are perfect for a having a sit down at a café in the sunshine with a glass of local sherry, or simply stopping to enjoy life in one of the inviting plazas.

Rich History and White Villages

Head inland to explore Seville, a city full of soul and fascinating historic sites. Visit the Bodegas of Jerez or see Jerez's graceful horsemen.

You may also explore the iconic pueblos blancos (white villages) of Cádiz. These small, quiet white villages clinging to the hilltops with picturesque narrow streets are a photographer's feast.

We leave the Atlantic Ocean, sail through the Strait of Gibraltar and enter the Mediterranean on our way to our next port call.

The Pleasures of Andalucía

Motril, set on Costa Tropica, enjoys a balmy year-round climate, sunny beaches and proximity to spectacular mountains. There will also be an option here to visit Granada and the Moorish palace of Alhambra.

Malaga maintains its history and authentic feel. Great experiences await inland with a visit to Córdoba with its former mosque, a wonder of the medieval world, or Rhonda, the most famous of the Malaga province's pueblos blancos, perched high atop a cliff.

Mighty Rock

Gibraltar, our next stop, is a stark contrast to the experiences we have had so far. This is a British enclave, perched on a mighty rock, rife with history and mischievous monkeys.

We leave the Strait of Gibraltar and sail to Portugal´s Algarve Coast and the town of Portimão. Join us as we explore the coastline and stand at the end of the world (that is – before we knew the earth was round).

We end our voyage of southern Spain and Portugal where we began, in lovely Lisbon.


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This is an expedition where the elements rule, and the weather and wind will determine our final schedule. Safety is paramount and the captain will decide the sailing itinerary during the voyage. Therefore, this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience, and why every expedition with Hurtigruten is unique.