The coast of Norway is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Discover the full range of this natural treasure on our 12-day roundtrip cruise. Call on 34 ports, sail world-famous fjords, and encounter unforgettable scenery all along the way. Learn from our complementary lectures and onboard activities led by our Hurtigruten guides and choose from 90 exciting optional excursions.

Daily Departures, Year-Round

Lonely Planet describes Hurtigruten’s the roundtrip cruise as “The world’s most beautiful voyage.” We take you from Bergen to Kirkenes and back in 12 days. See 34 ports and journey more than 2,500 nautical miles, allowing you to explore every inch of Norway’s coastal magic. At any time of year, it’s a cruise like no other. The drama of the scenery and wildlife is simply breathtaking. Twenty-two of the ports lie north of the Arctic Circle – and you have the opportunity to join excursions that match your interests and activity level. Whatever you miss on the northbound sailing at night you can see during the daytime on the southbound sailing.


Iconic travel routes

The Hurtigruten cruise duly earns its place among iconic travel routes, along with the Orient Express, the Amazon River, and the revered Route 66. Visit cities such as Bergen, Ålesund, and Trondheim before crossing the polar circle and sailing into the Arctic. Southbound, you see Lofoten and the Trollfjord in daylight before sailing along the Helgeland coast and passing the Seven Sisters mountains. Admire the stunningly beautiful west coast of Norway on the way to our final destination, Bergen.

Spectacular seasons

No matter what time of year you travel with Hurtigruten, you are surrounded by beautiful nature at every turn. And every season has its own charm.

Three seasons in one journey (March – April)

Spring heralds the return of warmth and daylight, kick-starting life along the Norwegian coast. The migratory birds return and fill the skies and rocky coastal headlands with life. Spring is also a time of celebration. May 17 is Norway’s National Day, and the coastal communities become a blaze of color and tradition. Hurtigruten also visits the beautiful Lyngenfjord, with its majestic mountain backdrop and unique nature. Sail from summer temperatures in Bergen to the Arctic, where you can still participate in our winter excursions.

The season of eternal sun (May – August)

Summer is the most popular time of year for exploring Norway’s coast. The long, bright days during summer seem to energize both nature and people. Even as far south as Bergen, you can experience 19 hours of daylight. Flowers bloom, rivers fill with fish, and giant waterfalls cascade toward the ocean, creating a scenic setting for a summer holiday. This is when we sail into the Geirangerfjord on the northbound cruise. North of the Arctic Circle you can experience the midnight sun. Daylight in the middle of the night is an intense experience, and you may have to force yourself to go to sleep!

 The season of colors (September – October)

Our autumn sailings include a visit to the incredibly beautiful Hjørundfjord. Majestic mountains surround this narrow fjord, and we offer several excursions that help you explore this spectacular area. Enjoy a splendid cruise during fall, as fresh, clear coastal air enhances the intense red and yellow leaves that fill the mountainsides, hilltops, and woods. From on deck, you can see the highest peaks sprinkled with the first snows of the season against the backdrop of an ice-blue sky. Gradually, the evenings become darker and the days shorter. With any luck, the northern lights will appear and dazzle you with their magical majesty.

Northern lights season (November – February)

Winter is perhaps the most special time to explore Norway’s pristine, wild landscapes. The ground is covered in white snow and the air is fresh, crisp, and pure. Clusters of cozy houses glow on the shores like embers. Stunning backdrops of snowy mountains reflect the polar twilight. Sailing with Hurtigruten to Norway’s far-northern reaches is to experience a magical winter wonderland, and hopefully the mesmerizing aurora borealis! For thousands of years, locals, visitors, artists, and scientists have marveled at these spectacular displays that occasionally light up the night sky. Sailing with Hurtigruten provides the best chance to see this mystical, colorful light show flickering across the Arctic sky.

Expedition teams on board

On board you will meet our dedicated experts with one single mission: to enhance your experience by leading activities and interpreting the cultural and natural treasures you encounter during your cruise. When you travel with us, you not only observe the incredible scenery – you have the opportunity to truly interact with the landscapes we sail through. Not only do you experience some of the most beautiful places on Earth, you have the opportunity to taste fresh, local specialties prepared by culinary artists. Guests from Norway – and beyond – want to go where no one else goes, with a crew and ship that belong where we are going. They want to experience and learn from guides who truly know this coast, who have Norway not only in their DNA but in their soul. We invite you to join our expedition team on outdoor activities and hikes in Ålesund, Trondheim, Bodø, Tromsø, Honningsvåg, Kirkenes, Lofoten, and Brønnøysund.

Engaging onboard activities and lectures:


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The full roundtrip voyage with Hurtigruten takes you from Bergen to Kirkenes and back, showing you all that the Norwegian coastline has to offer. This is truly one of the world’s most spectacular journeys, at any time of year.