SKY-SCRAPING MOUNTAINS, sunblasted deserts, lush green rainforests and busy cities. Throw in mind-boggling ancient history, cultural hot-spots, beaches, and plenty of opportunity for physical challenge and what do you get? Well, just a fraction of what The Americas have to offer.

G Adventures has trips in The Americas to satisfy every type of traveler and every travel desire. And thanks to G Adventures’ community tourism model, travelers can feel good knowing that by traveling with G, they are helping local communities and contributing to preserving the beauty, wildness and culture of The Americas for generations of travelers to come.

TOUR Anchorage to Anchorage
CITIES Alaska, Kenai & Denali Adventure

For travelers looking to explore a more remote corner of North America at a faster (and more active) pace, this eight-day journey through Alaska’s vast vistas is just the ticket. Catch the state’s greatest highlights including the imposing Harding Icefield, the enchanting Kenai Fjords, the jaw dropping Denali National Park, and the charming town of Talkeetna. Go north and treat yourself to a week of scenery and smiles.