Delve into China’s timeless cultural legacy on this exotic and unforgettable journey. 

Begin your adventure in cosmopolitan Shanghai—China’s commercial center—home to dazzling architecture, delicious dim sum, and delightful acrobats. Experience them all first-hand, along with a visit to the excellent Shanghai Museum. Embark upon a scenic Yangtze River cruise that ventures into the heart of the Middle Kingdom and its stupendous Three Gorges, renowned for their rugged mountain peaks, shape-shifting clouds, and curious rock formations. Visit the Shibao Pagoda—a magical place reputed to make wishes come true—and enjoy a city tour of Chongqing and its wonderful zoo, where you’ll see giant pandas, China’s adorable ambassadors. Fly to Xi’an for a face-to-face encounter with eight thousand fierce Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, entombed 22 centuries ago to guard the spirit of China’s first emperor.

Then it’s onward to Beijing to see the Temple of Heaven. Adorned with extravagant patterns, vibrant colors, and intricate carvings, this gilded temple is a superb example of Ming Dynasty artistry. Visit the Forbidden City—the imposing former residence of China’s powerful emperors—and Tiananmen Square, the setting for many historic events and the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games, a spectacle that mesmerized viewers around the world. Dine with a local family and take a rickshaw ride through the city’s atmospheric hutongs—charming maze-like neighborhoods with a true nostalgic vibe. Conclude your journey with a walk along a scenic section of the 55-hundred-mile-long Great Wall, an experience you will rave about for years to come.

Who will enjoy this cruise/tour

Travelers looking to experience the incredible contrasts that China offers will find much to entice them on this 12-day itinerary from Shanghai to Beijing—tranquil temples, bustling mega-metropolises, iconic cultural treasures, and cuddly pandas—plus 5 days of spectacular Yangtze River landscapes.