Whitney Nelson Abuzeid

Whitney Nelson Abuzeid

Travel Advisor

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Her specialty will be in Family adventure/travel (even Disney) and romantic/couple vacations (honeymoons, kid-free getaways, etc) but with the support of the other agents in our office, she will be able to make ANY travel dreams you have, a perfect reality!!

Whitney is a pro when it comes to traveling with kids. She aims to take away the stress/hassle of travelling with small kids while still embracing the fun and adventure.

People are always asking Whitney and her husband how/why they travel so much with their kids and always wonder if it is too hard/stressful/expensive.

Her response is always "hey - having 4 little kids can be hard/stressful/expensive no matter where you are, so I'd at least rather be somewhere amazing!”

"During my junior year of high school I of applied for a Rotary International Exchange Student Scholarship and was selected to spend 12 months in Switzerland In that school year, at the age of 16, I was able to learn to speak German fluently and was given the opportunity to travel all around Europe. I visited Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria - just to name a few.

I then proceeded to spend every summer for the next 5 years travelling through Europe. I ventured as far north as Sweden and Denmark and as far South as Spain. I ran with the bulls in Pamplona. I hiked between the villages in CinqueTerre. I popped open a bottle of authentic champagne under the Eiffel tower at midnight. I took a gondola ride through Venice and posed in front of Pisa. I also ventured off the beaten path when I spent weeks travelling around the "heel of the boot" in Italy - cities like Bari, Galipoli -- I even stayed in a traditioanl TRULLO. I danced on the ponte vecchio in Florence. I spent a Christmas snowboarding at the Matterhorn. I went hang-gliding in the Alps. I took a painting class in Florence. I watched the America's Cup Sailboat Race in Valencia. I drank beer at Oktoberfest and toured the Christmas markets. I took a sobering tour through Auschwitz. I walked and walked the streets of Rome. and I did all of this WAY BEFORE wifi on your cell phone, mapquest, vrbo and instagram. I had a Rick Steve's travel book and a love for adventure.

I spent my junior year of college in Austria, I was also given the unique opportunity to travel through many parts of Eastern Europe - namely Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Lithuania. I took a train from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, I sailed a yacht along on the coast of Hvar, ate horse burgers in Llubjana and hiked around the castle in Bled.

Immediately following graduation in 2008, (College of Charleston, B.S. in International Business/Accounting with a minor in German language), I sold my car and bought a one-way plane ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I found an apartment on their version of craigslist, I did some volunteer work with a local christian organization and traveled around the country -- Buenos Aires to Mendoza to Salta and everywhere in between over the course of three months!

I then continued my travels into Bolivia where I experienced a once-in-a-lifetime trip! I took a 7 day tour through the Uyuni Salt Flats, spent weeks in La Paz walking the hills at 15,000 feet, I took a tour of the San Pedro cocaine prison, mountain biked down the Department of Transportation's WORLD'S MOST dangerous road and then spent 2 weeks in a tree house "resort" in the amazon where I canoed in a wooden boat with HUNDREDS of crocodiles, swam with pink dolphins, fished for piranha and went on a successful anaconda hunt.

I left Bolivia and headed into Peru where I went white water rafting down a ravine with huge condors, I hiked Machu Picchu and spent a lot of time in Cusco."